Hayward SP32950VSP 2.7THP TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pump with Bundle*

Reg. Price $2,023.80
Installed Price $1,537.74


Hayward SP32950VSP 2.7THP TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump Energy Star Certified with Bundle*



Better Buy Pool Supply will provide you with the Full 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty plus 1 Year Installation Warranty upon installation by our professionals.

From the Manufacturer

Maxflo vs brings variable-speed technology to the favorite, traditional maxflo pump family. Maxflo vs is a drop-in upgrade that will deliver up to 80% energy cost savings over single Speed pool pumps. Hayward maxflo vs is available in both 115V and 230V versions and pays for itself faster than larger, more expensive models.

Pump Features:

• Designed to replace most full-rate high performance pumps up to 1.5 full-rate or 2.0 max-rate HP

• ENERGY STAR Certified and compliant with industry regulations including Title 20 and APSP 15; eligible for local utility rebates

• Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor offers incredible efficiency and reliability

• No-rib, extra- large basket design ensures easy leaf and debris removal and extends time between cleanings

• Fully programmable, digital control interface rotates to four different positions or mounts to the wall for more convenient access and viewing

• TriStar VS is the most energy efficient pool pump, according to EPA Energy Star ratings, with a Curve-A Energy Factor of 29.42 (gallons/Wh).

*BETTER BUY BUNDLE: Includes Wholesale Pricing, Free Delivery, Local Flat Rate Installation with 1 Year Warranty, Full Mfr. Warranty and Tax Is Included. Pool Pump Flat Rate Install is based on the assumption that you have an existing pump that is either not working properly or not working at all and that it has power going to it. The flat rate price includes minor repairs of existing electrical but if electrical is damaged or nonexistent, additional fees would apply.



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